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Mighty Men Conference 2014

It is amazing how the time seems to fly past when we are at MMC. Many of the men there wanted more time to spend in the presence of God and His Mighty Men. Once again a hugely successful and enjoyable Mighty Men Conference has passed and we are charged and excited for our next one.

Made In His Image Ministries would like to thank all the people that supported the setup of the conference for their time, effort and in some cases sponsorship of items, as well as the amazing array of speakers that we had this weekend. We have also received awesome feedback on the music and the worhsip led by Hannes van der Walt was once again angelic.

  • Jews for Jesus - The name says it all!

  • Pastor Manuel Da Silva Ribeiro - International Pastor with a heart for children

  • Myan Subrayan - Corporate trainer, writer, speaker and life coach for elite sports professionals.

  • Hannes van der Walt and Band - Worship Leader

  • Malonjeni Guest Farm - Location

NB!! - There was some men who were baptized over the weekend. If you would like your Baptism Certificate please email us at and we will contact you to make arrangements for collection / delivery.

As always we appreciate any input or feedback you have for us and look forward to a very successful Mighty Men Conference next year. Planning is underway for the Mighty Woman Conference and additional details will be updated via our web site and emailed to our contact list as they become available.

Ministry Registration

We have over the past few months had inquiries from people who have attended our Mighty Men and Mighty Woman Conferences, as to the location and contact details of the various churches that may be in their area. It seems a shame that the possibility exists for these people to fall through the grid - so to speak - only due to them being unaware of the available churches in their area.

We have many visitors to our web site and so decided to offer a section for the various ministries to be able to advertise FREE so that if anyone should decide to go to a church / ministry, they can more easily search for and find a convenient place of worship

With this in mind we have allocated a Church and Ministry registration section on our web page. Please encourage your Pastors and Ministry Members to register online.