Faith in God Delivers Again

In September 2010 we as a family gave our hearts to the Lord, we got married Three days later and since then the troubles and temptations were never-ending. My husband lost his job in January 2011, this felt like a loved one dying. There was not just the question of "What are we going to do?" the loss of income was enormous due to my husband receiving Four times my salary. 

To make a long story short, we really had to keep everything together, our marriage, the kids, home and loan payments (which could not be made regularly), no support from our church members and still deal with family members encouraging me to divorce my husband. The trials were nothing we ever experienced. After 18 months I lost hope we ceased family Bible study, and praying and worshipping the Lord BUT God never forgets you and of that I can testify today. On the 23 July 2012 out of shear desperation I searched for a prayer group who could pray for us and found the you, that same day my husband got a job (and started working), my husband however could not get to work in Sandton which was another mountain in our way BUT with God’s mighty work and grace we were approved for vehicle finance and they are delivery our vehicle on Monday, 30 July 2012. Today I can express my joy by saying as David did “With the Lord at my side I can jump a wall” Hallelujah praise our Lord Jesus!!!!!!!!!

We just want to say thank you for your prayers, never stop praying for the people who need help, there are so many in this wicked world. May every soul taking time out of their day to pray for those they do not know be blessed abundantly by our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! Thank you once again.

Mighty Men Conference

Mighty Men Conference 2014

We were honored to have the following esteemed guest speakers at our MMC Conference this year:

Jews for Jesus South Africa is a Jewish evangelistic agency. Born in South Africa in the winter of 1989 as a result of an ongoing ministry in the United States that eventually demanded a permanent international presence.

Christ in the Passover hows the link between the ancient Festival of Redemption and Christ as the Lamb of God. By using a sermonic demonstration and scripture we will walk through the Jewish Passover, weaving a story of the Exodus together with the life, death and resurrection of Christ. The words He spoke in the upper room come as each Hebraic item is carefully explained. This experience will be deepened by the celebrating of communion.


Pastor Manuel Da Silva Ribeiro

Pastor Manny was first called to Pastor during his time at Family Harvest Church, then known as Christian City in Germiston, in the early 1980’s.

The Lord called him join himself to Christian Faith Fellowship in 1986 were he submitted himself as a normal member of the church, called to intercede for the Senior Pastor, the congregation members and Germiston as a whole. After being called to be a Pastor in the local church, he was later used on the mission field for migrant workers in the farms of Wadeville and Mapleton. He also went ministering in Kenya for 5 years with the Senior Pastor.

During his time as a Pastor and leader in the local church, he has become known as a person of his word. He is not only prepared to talk the talk, but he actually walks it too, where he calls it as it is and a spade is a spade. After the Lord Jesus Christ, family is the most important part of his walk with the Lord.

He was asked to take over the assembly in 1993 when the then Senior Pastor felt the Lord was calling him to an Evangelical and Itinerate ministry.

Since being the Senior Pastor, he has been involved with the Germiston Pastor’s Fraternal and has also been involved in Ministering in Malawi and Mozambique for 5 years.

Both Pastor Manny and his wife Lorraine have a passion for Children, and have been involved with abandoned and abused children. They opened their home to be used as a place of safety for more than 25 years. Today they are the founding Members of Siyabonga Children’s Cottages which is located in Albemarle, Germiston where they currently stay.

He is married to Lorraine, his wife for more than for 40 years and they have 1 daughter, 3 sons, 1 adopted son, and 10 grand-children of their own. These are over and above the hundreds of children that have been through their home over the years, some of whom have stayed close and in contact with them.

Myan Subrayan

Myan Subrayan was born in Durban into a Hindu family, and in 1994 the year that South Africa became a democracy, became a born again Christian. Myan has an inspiring testimony of God saving him Hinduism in 1994 to prospering him as a 19 year businessman, to him losing it all in 2000, when he emigrated to New Zealand, after being held up at gun point.

Myan is a corporate trainer, speaker and writer, working with elite sportsmen and professional teams as a life coach. He has written Springbok, 'Pierre Spies: More than Rugby', and former All Black, Inga Tuigamala's 'Inga: My Story' and also writes for Joy and Juig magazines. He has recently been appointed writer for an Olympic Gold medalist Chad Le Clos.

As always we appreciate any input or feedback you have for us and look forward to a very successful Mighty Men Conference once again. Additional details will be updated via our web site and emailed to our contact list as they become available.

Hannes van der Walt

We are truly blessed to have renowned worship leader Hannes van der Walt at ourMighty Men Conference once again. Hannes has many achievements to speak of doing main and backup vocals for popular albums such as '30 Gouie Sokkie Treffers' and 'Summer Hits 2006'. He has also done back up vocals for popular artists such as Kurt Darren and Bok van Blerk. However, Hannes passion lays with Jesus and his efforts are channeled accordingly. He has released his own solo albums, 'Die Berge Sal Uitroep' and 'Worship Africa'. Hannes has done a lot of work with Kruiskyk and is using his talent to spread the gospel of Jesus.

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